4 Signs That Your Healthy Diet Is Working.

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To change your normal diet and start eating for better health is easy. Start with what you eat now, remove all processed and pre-packaged foods with additives and chemicals.

Eat mostly plant based natural products and whole grains. Gradually minimise the proportion of animal proteins (including dairy products) and increase the proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Do not overeat. Cut back as much as you can or better completely eliminate completely all addictive products (sugar, coffee, cheese, chocolate) from your diet.

With this healthy diet you will stop adding toxins and waste to those already accumulated in your body.

Take a step further.

If you want to take a step further and start eating for better health, more energy and vitality you need to stimulate active cleansing of the body from toxins and waste. This can also help with to get rid of digestive problems and reverse chronic diseases.

Eating for better health means that:

The amount of waste and toxins eliminated from the body should be greater than the amount produced by digestive and metabolic processes.

In other words, your diet should consist of natural, easy to digest, fibre rich foods. You should be actively managing your diet to help the body remove toxins and waste produced by the process of digestion as well as waste and toxins stored in your tissues, organs and fat.

You know your healthy diet is working when:

1. Your bowel movements have normalised to 2-3 times per day or more.

This is a very important sign as it indicates that the detox of the body has started and the gut is actively removing accumulated waste and toxins.

Active gut as the main organ of the excretory system is very important for the detox and cleansing of the entire body. If the gut is sluggish, if you are chronically constipated the toxins that accumulate in the gut leak through the gut wall into the blood stream, poison the entire body and cause damage to tissues and organs.

The liver removes the toxins from the blood stream and eliminates them though gallbladder back into the gut where they leak into the blood steam again.

Normalised bowel movements are essential to breaking this vicious circle.

2. Your energy levels and sense of well-being increase with time.

The other sign that the diet is working is an increased sense of well-being, higher level of energy and vitality.

When you start eating natural, live and fresh food which is easy to digest and eliminate you will feel more energetic. This is because your body receives more energy and nutrients from smaller amounts of food and spends less energy digesting huge amounts of processed food.

3. You feel great most of the time with occasional periods of body detox.

Long periods of general well-being and high energy levels may be interrupted by short periods of intensive cleansing (usually lasting from 2-3 day to a week). You might feel fatigue, congestion, stuffy nose, diarrhea and fever.

These are the symptoms of intense body detox and cleansing and they can be mild or intense depending on the many individual factors. This is a very good sign that means that the body has finally enough energy and resources to start actively eliminating accumulated waste and toxins.

Normally the body is so overwhelmed by poor diet and overeating that it has barely enough energy to cope with waste and toxins produced by the huge amount of processed food and drinks consumed every day.

Your body is very much interested in its own survival and it will use any chance, any opportunity and any spare energy to start long overdue detox and elimination processes.

4. Your health continues to improve.

If you suffer from any chronic or degenerative diseases you will notice lessening or disappearance for the symptoms.

You may notice that your blood pressure normalised or is closer to normal, chronic headaches became less frequent or disappear. If you had any digestive problems they will become less acute and finally disappear.

The most important element of eating for better health is elimination of the toxins and waste accumulated in the body.

The process of cleansing the body may take some time. In most cases it is going to be a long process lasting from several months to several years.

Create perfect conditions for your body to cleanse itself.

Eating for better health starts with cleansing and detoxifying the gut and making sure the body gets all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Your diet can be adjusted in such a way as to create the perfect conditions for the excretory system to start removing toxins and waste locked in your body. Depending on your individual circumstances the process of cleansing and detoxing the body can be actively managed.

If you need to speed up the process it can be done by increasing the amount of fresh fruit, juices and vegetable in your diet. In some cases the symptoms of body detox can be so intense that you might want to slow down the process by adjusting your diet.

Enjoy the results of your healthy eating.

It will not be long before you’ll notice the first positive results but it is going to take some time to completely cleanse the gut, the liver and the entire body. The progress very much depends on many individual factors like age, weight, present diet, previous eating habits and diet, physical activity and the state of organs of elimination.

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