How to Improve Health with Diet?

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When we start looking for a healthy diet we always have some heath goal in mind. It can be different for different people – from something very vague:  “I have to stop eating all this junk” to dealing with a specific health condition – a skin problem or lowering cholesterol level.

You might follow some popular diet for a few weeks or even months, but it is very unlikely that you will reach your health goal. This is because no ready-made diet, eating tips or meal plans take into consideration your personal dietary needs.

There is only one Healthy Diet that will work for you. It is your personal, finely turned, highly individual diet that takes into consideration your age, sex, genetics, metabolism, lifestyle, your health, physical activity, climate you live in, you current eating habits and the foods you ate for the last 5 – 10 years.

Your personal healthy diet is not going to be something static. Especially in the beginning or the transition period from your normal eating habits. It is going to change on a daily, weekly basis as you gradually change your eating habits, eliminate harmful foods and introduce more and more natural and easy to digest foods that your body really needs.

Your diet will continue to evolve as the unnecessary load is taken of your digestive system and your body can finally start cleansing itself from all the waste and toxins accumulated over the years.

To find you own, individual diet you need to follow just two basic principles:

1. The first rule of healthy eating:

The amount of waste and toxins eliminated from the body should be greater than the amount produced by digestive and metabolic processes.

In other words, your excretory system should be able to remove all the toxins and waste produced by the process of digestion as well as waste and toxins stored in your organs and tissues. The type of food and the amount of food you eat should not overload the organs of elimination – the gut, the liver and kidneys.

An average person eats about 1.6kg (3.5 pounds) of food each day. That is 584kg (1290 pounds) per person per year. This huge amount of food goes through our digestive system. An enormous amount of energy and body resources are required to digest, absorb, filter the food and excrete the waste.

Our digestive system and our excretory system are not designed for this amount of processed food with chemical additives. Every day a small amount of the waste, excess nutrients and toxins remains locked in the body.

Imagine a fish tank with a filtering system. If the amount of waste that goes into the tank is greater than the filtering system can cope with the water will stagnate and putrefy. To improve the quality of the water we need to reduces the amount of waste that goes into the tank.

Your individual Healthy Diet should stimulate cleansing of the body from toxins and waste we get with food every day as well as those already accumulated in the body.

2. The second rule of healthy eating:

Your Healthy Diet should be nutritionally complete. It should give you all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy required by your body. 

Your body should be able to extract and absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from what you eat. Sounds obvious? But a lot of people forget about this when they make drastic changes to their diet.

There is no point in eating any healthy food if your gut cannot digest and extract vital nutrients from it. The foods you can digest and extract nutrients from is determined by an incredibly complex ecosystem of your small intestine which developed over your lifetime.

If you normally eat pizzas, burghers and chips and suddenly change your diet to quinoa, tofu, avocados and chia seeds your digestive system may not be able to digest and extract all nutrients from that food.

People who start eating a lot of healthy foods very often feel hungry all the time and can’t stop eating even when the stomach is full. This is because their digestive system has not learned yet how to extract nutrients from the unfamiliar foods.

If you are on a low-carb, high-protein, the Mediterranean Diet or any other ready-made diet and your body is not getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your diet is not healthy.

If you are eating according to the latest dietary guidelines and you body is not actively removing toxins and waste – your diet is not healthy.

If you are watching calories, taking dietary supplements, eating 5-a-day and your body is not removing toxins and waste – you diet is not healthy. Toxins continue to accumulate and cause damage to tissues, organs and your health in general.

Quick and efficient elimination of ALL the waste from the body.

Your organs of elimination (the gut, the liver, kidneys) should not be overloaded and should be able to remove all the waste and toxins left after digesting the food you eat. When organs of elimination are not overloaded they have spare capacity which will be used to remove waste and toxins accumulated in the gut, tissues and organs.

Ideally the whole process from eating to eliminating waste from your body should take no longer than 8-12 hours. The food you eat should move through the digestive system quickly without creating a lot of toxins and overloading your organs of elimination.

A person with a healthy gut who eats 3 meals per day should have 2 or 3 daily bowel movements. One bowel movement per day or less is considered to be constipation.

Change your diet gradually.

It is important to change your diet very carefully introducing new foods gradually so that you gut micobiota can adjust and learn how to extract nutrients from the new foods.

Your gut microbiota is unique to you and it can only digest certain types of foods it is used to. If you decide to change your diet by removing familiar foods and introducing new foods your gut may not be able to extract all the nutrients and minerals which can lead to malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

Any new diet you try may include very healthy foods and it may work for some people. But it is not necessarily going to be healthy for you if you are not getting the vital nutrients and vitamins.

You know that the changes you’ve made on the way to the Healthy Diet are working when your organs of elimination (the gut, the liver and kidneys) are quickly and efficiently removing the waste produced by what you eat as well as the waste and toxins accumulated in your body.

As a result you will have more energy and vitality, lightness in the body and increased sense of the general well-being.

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