Weight Loss and Eating for Health.

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Losing weight is not the main objective of eating for better health. Losing weight is just one of the many positive results of changing your “normal” diet to eating natural, mostly plant based, wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables.

Reducing the amount you eat, calorie counting, having regular meals, drinking more fluids and exercising more, may not be enough for long term weight loss and it will not necessarily make you diet much healthier.

Give your digestive system time to rest and recover.

If you regularly overeat your digestive system needs a lot of energy to digest and eliminate large amounts of ultra-processed foods, drinks and snacks. The more you eat the more energy is spent on digesting food and eliminating waste. As a result very little energy remains for anything else let alone exercising.

Excess by-products of digestion and metabolic processes should be removed from the body by the organs of elimination (the gut, the liver and kidneys). The excretory system overwhelmed by large amounts of processed food cannot efficiently eliminate all the waste and toxins from the body.

By-products of digestion which cannot be eliminated are stored in the body as adipose tissue, or fat ‘until better times’ when the excretory system has spare resources and energy to remove them from the body.

Start with your the excretory system and the gut.

Unhealthy eating habits can turn the small intestine into a repository for waste and bad bacteria. The thickness of the small intestine wall is just about 2mm – which is very thin indeed. It is a tube about 6 meters or 20 feet long.

The entire length of the small intestine can be lined with waste and excess mucus making the walls much thicker. The result of the excess mucus and waste in the small intestine is a bulging stomach and poor digestion.

The nutrients in the food are absorbed into the blood through the walls of the small intestine. When the walls are lined with a thick layer of mucus a lot of essential nutrients pass through the small intestine without being digested.   

Overweight people with poor digestion may require more food to compensate for the lack of the nutrients.

Get your excretory system in order. Normalise bowel function.

Without properly working excretory system it is very difficult to lose weight. The excretory system should efficiently remove excess nutrients and waste from the body. If your eat 3 meals per day you should have at least 2 or 3 bowel movements per day.

Losing weight will be a lot easier when the process of cleansing the gut starts, when your excretory system begins to eliminate excess waste accumulated in your body.

Once your digestive system is in order and the excess waste and mucus are removed from the small intestine then you will be able to digest natural foods better and more efficiently. As a result you will need smaller amounts of food to provide all the energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body requires.

Excess waste and mucus can only be removed through normalising your bowel movements to 2-3 times or more per day.

Eat healthy foods to restore your gut flora.

It is equally important to rebalance your diet to restore and promote the growth of the healthy bacteria in the gut. This incredibly complex ecosystem of various bacteria in the gut plays an important role in vital processes such as digestion, vitamin synthesis and metabolism.

The process of removing excess waste and restoring healthy gut flora starts with eliminating the foods from your diet which promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria.

These are sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, refined starches and saturated fats. Strong alcoholic drinks and antibiotics are also very harmful to your gut flora.

On the other hand, vegetables, legumes, beans, fruit, fermented foods and whole grains promote the growth of good bacteria and help remove excess waste and mucus from the gut.

Healthy gut flora is also vital for prevention of constipation and normalising bowel movements.

Unhealthy bacteria in the gut affect our metabolism and can be linked to obesity.

The skin an organ of elimination and subcutaneous fat.

A lot of fat is stored under the skin as subcutaneous tissue. When the body is overloaded by excess nutrients and waste it stores them as subcutaneous tissue to be removed by the skin. The skin is a powerful organ of excretion. Although it is not the skin’s primary function it can eliminate a lot of waste and toxins from the body when the other organs of excretion are not coping with the load.  

Sometimes people lose a lot of weigh with healthy eating but they cannot get rid of the layer of fat from under the skin – especially in the belly region. This is because the skin is not working properly as an organ of elimination. Because subcutaneous fat is not water soluble it cannot be absorbed into the blood and removed by other organs of excretion. The only way we can get rid of subcutaneous fat it through the skin.

People who exercise a lot, sweat a lot and have oily skin can easily get rid of subcutaneous fat. On the other hand people who have dry skin and rarely sweat find it difficult to shift this layer of fat. If you are one of these people you need to train your skin to work better as an organ of elimination.

The entire skin should be regularly exposed to contrast temperatures – heat and cold. Sauna, contrast showers, aerobic exercise that makes you sweat will increase blood flow to the skin and stimulate sweating. This is not going to happen over a couple of weeks but you should notice a big difference fairly soon.

It will take some time to re-balance your diet.

In the beginning you might not lose as much weight and as quickly as you would like to. Your body is very much interested in its own survival. It might have to deal with other health problems requiring urgent attention before it starts dealing with excess weight.

After years and in some cases decades of overeating your body will finally have a chance and energy to deal with these problems and to do some serious, long overdue cleansing.

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