My interest nutrition as a means to achieve better health, vitality and higher energy levels started with a “normal“ diet, normal weight and average health. A that time, a few years ago, I was neither healthy nor unhealthy, without any particular health problems, but feeling tired, fatigued and lacking energy to do the things I enjoyed most.

I thought I had a relatively healthy lifestyle and a relatively healthy diet. I did not smoke, exercised a bit, did a bit of hill walking but gradually, year after year, there was a steady decline in my energy levels and the general sense of well-being.

I knew there was something wrong with me but I could not pinpoint what it was.

I also instinctively knew that if I don’t do something the steady decline into poor health and chronic diseases will continue.

That’s how I became interested in diets and nutrition. And I can tell you that the results of changing my “normal” diet to a sustainable healthy diet exceeded all my expectations.

But my journey to find my individual healthy diet was not smooth and simple. There were a lot of ups and downs, times when I felt great and times when I was asking myself: “What am I doing wrong?”

On the surface, changing your normal diet to improve your health looks very easy – just cut back on the junk food and eat more of the good stuff and you’ll be alright. But is this going to be enough to reverse the effects of decades of bad eating habits?

The truth is that simple steps to finding an individual healthy diet can be very different for different people. Everybody is unique, with a unique gut flora, different health problems, different eating habits and food addictions. The problems you encounter and the reaction of the body to the changes in the diet will also be unique.

I spent years reading books on nutrition, gathering information and trying out different diets. I also used every opportunity to learn from the best nutritionists and dieticians in the field. And it took me about two years of studying nutrition and experimenting with different diets to find a healthy diet that finally worked for me. The results exceeded all my expectations.

I only wish I had all this knowledge and experience in the beginning.

I would like to share them with you.

My name is Alex Kovalenko, I live in Glasgow, Scotland.