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Initial Consultation + Follow Up

90 minute consultation (online or in-person), which will cover:-

-  In-depth health and lifestyle assessment, discussing symptoms,

   medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle, to search for root causes.

-  Specific health concerns.

-  Advice on how to strive for optimal health by improving gut

   health and the immune system.

-  Working pre-emptively where there is a concern due to family history.

You will receive:-

-  Simple, manageable Personal Health Plan within one week.

-  Recommendations for supplements and testing, if needed.

-  Discounts on supplements and testing.

-  30 minute phone or zoom call to discuss any questions regarding the plan.


60 minute consultation 6-8 weeks later, which will cover:-

-  Review of progress/any concerns.

-  Review of symptoms.

You will receive:-

-  Updated Personal Health Plan.

-  Analysis of any test results.

Home visits are available at an additional cost.

Cost: £400.

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