For practical and easy to understand advice and any questions concerning healthy eating book a free 20 minute consultation – Skype or WhataApp. To book a consultation please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

20 min consultation  –  FREE

Any healthy diet is always very individual especially if you want to achieve a health goal. Changing your diet can be tricky – it is not an easy and straightforward process, especially if you are making some drastic changes to your eating habits.

For a tailored, individual advice and practical steps to achieve your health goal with changes to your diet book a 60 min consultation.

60 min consultation – £50 (Payment with PayPal)

What is included in one-to-one consultation:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your diet;
  • Setting a health goal; short term and long term goals;
  • The first steps to your personalised healthy eating;
  • Successful transition to sustainable healthy eating;
  • You personalised diet plan specific to your health goal;
  • E-mail support in between your sessions.

If you have any problems any issues or you are not sure how to proceed with changing your diet I will be happy to help you.

Some of the popular issues I discuss with my clients:

  • you’ve tried various diets without success;
  • you want to repair your gut flora;
  • you are looking for a healthy diet but not sure which one is for you;
  • you want an honest and unbiased advise about a popular diet;
  • you want to know how to give up unhealthy products;
  • you are looking for a diet to achieve a health goal;
  • you changed your diet and now you are experiencing unexpected results;
  • problems during transition period from your normal diet;
  • how to transition smoothly from your normal diet to healthy eating;
  • you are confused by various diets and nutritional advise and you want some help;
  • thinking about going vegan or vegetarian ;
  • unexpected problems after going vegan or vegetarian;
  • you are on a diet trying to lose weight, but it is not working for you;
  • you changed your diet and you lack energy and vitality;
  • how to cleanse your body naturally with food;

Eating for Better Health can help you with:

Digestive issues: bloating, constipation, IBS, IBD, SIBO, weight gain or unable to maintain ideal weight, general fatigue, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, gastritis. Blood pressure, cholesterolskin problems .

If you have any questions about one-to-one consultation you can e-mail:

One-to-One Consultation