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Kathleen Cornmell

mBANT CNHC Registered Nutritionist

I search for the root cause of disease, educating and enabling clients to become empowered to take active ownership of their health.

My journey into this profession began with my health challenges. After being told there was no cure for Interstitial Cystitis (a chronic painful bladder condition), I refused to believe I would have to live in pain forever and started researching.  A year later, I was pain-free and no longer spending days in bed on painkillers. 


This experience led me to explore the field of nutritional medicine and study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London for four years, where I qualified as a BANT Registered Nutritionist.

Eating For Health - chopping fruit 3.jpeg

Several years later, my son developed severe psoriasis, covering 80%

of his body. The only thing offered was steroid creams and medications. 

After completing many years of study, I knew I had to find the root

cause of his condition; six months later, his skin was clear by following

my nutritional protocol.

I am saddened daily to see clients who have been given no nutritional advice.  Prevention is always better than a cure.

I found out the hard way that diet and lifestyle choices can affect our health, and now I want to help my clients discover this, too.

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