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Pears Fruit nutrition

6 or 12 week
onal Coaching Programme

The best results are seen when working with a practitioner over time. It takes many months, possibly years, for our health to deteriorate. Therefore, improvements take time.  Education, testing, and sustainable changes are needed over several months.  I provide proven, achievable, realistic steps that will provide long-term results. 

Traditional weight loss programmes are not sustainable; generally, weight is gained again.  I encourage clients to improve their relationship with food and understand how to make long-term changes for long-term results.

My Flourish programme includes:

90 minute consultation (online or in-person), which will cover:-

-  In-depth health and lifestyle assessment, discussing symptoms, medical

   history, family history, diet and lifestyle to search for root causes.

-  Specific health concerns.

-  Advice on how to strive for optimal health by improving gut health and

   the immune system.

-  Work pre-emptively where there is a concern due to family history.

You will receive:-

-  Easy-to-follow, simple, manageable steps throughout the programme.

-  Recommendations and discounts for supplements and testing, if needed.

-  Continuous review of progress.

-  Analysis of ongoing test results.


-  5 x 30-minute weekly coaching calls for motivation and support 

   (with the 6 week programme).

- 11 x 30-minute weekly coaching calls for motivation and support

   (with the 12-week programme).

WhatsApp and/or Email Support Monday-Friday for the duration of the


Home visits are available at an additional cost.

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